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Wentworth Parish is one of the largest rural parishes in Rotherham. It covers the communities of Wentworth, Harley, Nether Haugh and Barley Hole and has a population of approximately 1300 people. Agricultural fields surround the Parish and because of the area's strong connection with the Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates and Wentworth Woodhouse the area has become a magnet for tourists.

Wentworth Parish Council exists by statute to represent the parishioners interests. It should not be confused with the Parochial Church Council, which is linked to church affairs.

As a body the Parish Council contributes to the protection and improvement of the parish environment and keeps a constant eye on activity that could operate against the interests of the parish and its parishioners e.g. planning applications, traffic matters etc.

There are currently nine parish councillors representing the parish on a voluntary basis they are:-



Ernest Bradley (Chairman) (Grounds Maintenance, Wentworth Paavilion & Play Area) - Declaration of Interests

Brendan McNamara (Deputy Chairman)(Grounds Maintenance, Wentworth Pailion and Play Area) - Declaration of Interests

Lindy Stevenson (War Memorial & Website - Declaration of Interests

Graham Cook (Play Area, Wentworth Pavilion & Publicity) - Declaration of Interests

Claire Hawley (Tourism & Traffic) - Declaration of Interests


Cynthia Shaw (Publicity & Harley Pavilion)- Declaration of Interests

Bill Crawford (Finance & Harley Pavilion) - Declaration of Interests

Valerie Sykes (Remembrance Service & Harley Pavilion) - Declaration of Interests

Thomas Hill (Benches & Footpaths & Bridleways) - Declaration of Interests

The last elections took place in May 2021. Elections take place every 5 years. The Parish Council has 11 meetings per year, there is no meeting in August. Meetings take place in the Wentworth Mechanic's Institute in Wentworth on the third Monday of each month generally at 6.30pm. Parishioners are entitled to raise matters of concern at the meetings but the Chairman has the discretion to decide when the matter is discussed.

An Annual General Meeting takes place in May when the positions of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and representation on the Sub-Committees are decided. The main sub-committees being finance and buildings.

In March the Parish Council facilitate an Annual Assembly of the parish which is open to members of the community and enables residents to raise local issues.

The Parish Council currently has leases from the Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates (the landowner) on the Wentworth and Harley Recreation Grounds. The management of these sites has been transferred to the active village associations in Wentworth and Harley. In addition the Parish Council manages two properties in Barrowfield Gate which form part of the Willistons Gift one of the charities managed by the Parish Council. The Parish Council also manages a charity called the Constables Charity although little is known of the history of this body.

The Parish Council is allowed by statute to levy a small precept which is currently 22000 per year which is collected by the Borough Council along with the Council Tax. The Parish Council use this money to improve the amenities of the Parish.

If you have anything to say about the Parish Council and its work please contact us. Our details are:-

J Hutchings (Clerk to the Parish Council)

Wentworth Parish Council

PO Box 515


S73 3AB

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